Batman V Superman isn’t the Atrocity critics make it Out to be (Spoiler Alert!)

Noah Vargas, Contributer

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Chances are, you’ve seen or at least heard about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. It is the sequel to 2013’s Man of Steel, and is pretty much the starting point for the DC Cinematic Universe. It has been hyped up for years now, and has had DC fans dying for it’s release. Now that the movie is out, reviews have been very mixed. Critics have been slamming it, with the Rotten Tomatoes score currently being 29%. On the positive side, the majority of the audience loved it. After my first viewing of the movie, I despised it. Why did they kill off Superman? Who was that guy in the portal? There’s no after-credits scene?! I was so mad. Being a huge DC fan, I thought that the movie was a let-down. The next day, I told my friends how much I hated it.  I showed up the second time at the theater grumpy, and unexcited. When I left, I had a huge grin on my face. It all made sense. They killed off Superman so Batman could recruit everyone in Justice League Part One! That guy in the portal was the Flash from the future, warning Bruce Wayne about Superman! I was so used to the way Marvel makes their movies that I didn’t see what Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was trying to do. I didn’t like the movie because it’s different. It takes bold steps with the characters, and really makes you think. The casting is perfect! Ben Affleck is the best Bruce Wayne/Batman I have ever seen. He is charismatic as Bruce, but when that cowl comes on, he is the comic Batman we’ve all been waiting for. Henry Cavill reprises his role  as Superman, and the movie really makes you care for him. You can see the pain on his face when others are against him. He really is holding back. Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor was one of the castings I was worried about, but he was awesome! He really steals every scene he was in, and I actually found myself paying attention to all the little things he said. Gal Gadot was Wonder Woman, and she really knocked it out of the park. I found myself and everyone in the audience overjoyed whenever she was onscreen. Amy Adams was Lois Lane, and even stands out against this incredible cast. Even Doomsday makes an interesting edition. It takes a ton from the comics, mainly The Dark Knight Returns and Death of Superman. This movie was supposed to start up the DC Cinematic Universe, and it did so beautifully. I’m intrigued now. I want to know what happened to Robin, and Wayne Manor. I want to see what Wonder Woman did back in World War I. Mainly, I want to see all the heroes I’ve been reading about since I was six standing together against Darkseid. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is a wonderful movie, and doesn’t deserve the hate it is getting. Certainly not a 29%. If you haven’t yet, go check it out at your local theater. It will definitely get you invested in the universe, and excited for Justice League Part One in 2017.

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Batman V Superman isn’t the Atrocity critics make it Out to be (Spoiler Alert!)