5th Annual High School Radio Day

Melody Sharp, Contributor

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Last Wednesday (April 20th), Kent County High School’s radio station, 90.5 WKHS, operated and managed by Mr. Chris Singleton, celebrated the 5th annual High School Radio Day. Although, this is the 4th year that our school has celebrated it simply because of not realizing it existed the first year.

High School Radio Day (or just HSRD) is a national representation and a beginning to a strong association of high school radio stations. Its purpose is to give a chance to high school radio stations to take pride and show how important and unique they are.

Only a handful of high schools have radio stations; out of the approximate 15,000 commercial and non-commercial radio stations across the United States, only about 200 of those are high school stations. WKHS is the only high school radio station in Maryland on the FM dial. So HSRD is important because of how few high school radio stations there are; not everyone in Kent County even realizes that our school has a radio station and this day helps to bring that awareness in our community.

WKHS was one of 78 schools across the U.S. that participated in HSRD and they even got a chance to talk to 5 of those schools on live phone interviews, one of them being the founder of HSRD and advisor of WBFH of Bloomfield Hills High School in Michigan, Pete Bowers. The other schools that WKHS had a chance to talk to were KEOM of Mesquite Independent School District in Texas, WKCS of Fulton High School in Tennessee, WBDG of Ben Davis High School in Indiana, and WDSO of Chesterton High School, also in Indiana.

WKCS of Fulton High School was also using High School Radio Day to remember and pay tribute to a student who died in December 2015 while he was protecting three girls from gunfire, related to a gang shooting. Different high schools have different ways of celebrating HSRD and Fulton High chose to celebrate this day as a ceremonious day to remember their friend.

WKHS also had three in-studio guests, Amelia Buttress from John Hopkins University and Rebecca Rice and Mary Jo Carpenter, both of the Kent County Health Department. John Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health and WKHS have quite recently established a partnership so that each educational program can have a relationship with one another, can learn from one another, and may encourage their students to be a positive force in their community. Amelia Buttress came out to Kent County High on HSRD to support WKHS on their very honorable day and in their recognition. And if you’re thinking that John Hopkins’ University is a bit far, guess again my dears because WKHS has a coverage of a 60 mile radius.

Mrs. Williams, Kent County High’s Principal, also participated and supported WKHS on HSRD. She went into the radio station and talked on air with Fulton High School about their school, radio program, and whether or not the students wanted to continue in the broadcasting and communications field. One thing Mr. Singleton pointed out while I was interviewing him for this article was that Mrs. Williams even wore their custom-made HSRD T-shirts. Mrs. Williams is a very dressy lady and she will very rarely dress down to a T-shirt. This shows beyond doubt Mrs. Williams’ respect and endorsement for WKHS on their exceedingly prideful day and I know with certainty that Mr. Singleton and all of WKHS staff members are very grateful for Mrs. Williams’ encouragement and support.


The WKHS Staff for the 2015-2016 school year, who also all participated in HSRD, are the following: Sophomores- Madison Brinkley, Cody Burke, TreVion Hopkins, Israel Fragozo, Chris Lobley, NaShell Murray, Alison Rameika, Kyle Roderick, Barnes Saunders, Levi Skinner, Kiara Smith, Dillan Thomas, Gabriel Warner, and Vincent Wilson.Juniors- Tavonte Berry, Andrew Carr, Eugene Childs, Cory Clayton, Marcquan Greene, Jonathan Herrera Gomez, Devon Hughes, Xavier Jones, Arlington Johnson, Dashawn Lister, James Lovett, Dylan Mitchell, Stephen Neukam, Max Sheridan, Jason Simns, and Cade Terrill. Seniors- Reilly Fracassi, Markel Newnam, and Olivia Smith.

Let this act as proof that music bring people together. “90.5 WKHS… Serving the Shore Since ’74”


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5th Annual High School Radio Day